The definitive change in the technology landscape has made it essential for freshers and experienced professionals to upgrade themselves with the latest expertise required by the industry. Accel's training programs have kept pace and have proactively evolved to address the new demand, such that candidates are at the forefront of their chosen domains. With three decades of experience as an IT company and as an IT Training organization, all our programs are industry relevant and real world tested. The training programs are mapped onto the leading skillsets required by the industry and curated into convenient modules, so as to help candidates choose programs that are aligned to their strengths and schedules. Select a suitable module and be on track for a highly successful and stable career.

The new age IMS professional goes beyond the classic definition of managing infrastructure, which included installation, monitoring, updating, patching and servicing. Today they are expected to manage data centers, storage farms, servers, networks and other layers of infrastructure, remotely with minimum human intervention. Accel's IMS program prepares all candidates to handle the evolving needs of a rapidly changing industry and be proactive in rolling out new solutions.

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Accel's ESD program enables engineers to master critical aspects of successful embedded design by developing organized, straightforward interfaces and then carefully documenting these interfaces so that the device can be efficiently integrated into larger systems. Embedded design requires diligence in establishing, understanding and satisfying requirements. As an embedded system is intended for specific functional objectives it is an engineer’s responsibility to identify the capabilities and characteristics that are truly necessary and then design the device accordingly. Designers of embedded systems need to be familiar with power distribution, communication interfaces and interconnection techniques to successfully integrate a device into a larger system. Understand the fundamentals and set forth on an adventure made even more exciting with the advent of IoT and Robotic Process Automation.

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Enterprise security is by and large reactive and more to do with adherence to compliance checklists than address underlying security vulnerabilities. Cloud and IoT further complicate the issue by expanding the attack surface practically ensuring that no system can be fully secure. To more effectively address threats, enterprises shouldn’t rely solely on a given blacklist of attackers and vulnerabilities but should also proactively scour the landscape to identity recognized patterns of attack. Accel ITS programs are a result of real time experiences by corporates across various industries. Building IT Security professionals who know the right strategy for the given domain.

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