Company Profile

Accel has been at the forefront of the IT revolution in India, right from its inception in 1991. Through three decades of pioneering initiatives, all-round growth and adaptation to change, the training division of the Group has helped thousands of aspiring IT professionals find their foothold in the industry with employment-oriented programs that meet the highly competitive expectations of MNC’s. Along with change in technologies and paradigm shifts in customer demands we have come up with renewed programs to help a whole new generation of aspirants achieve their dreams of embarking on successful careers in the IT industry. All the programs are optimally designed so as to include a comprehensive syllabus that meets multiple aspects of industry requirements and prepare all aspirants to be employment ready. Change will come again as will paradigm shifts in the industry. The ability to adapt and the foresight to evolve will help companies and individuals ride the crests of those waves and remain at the forefront of technology.

Accel Limited is a BSE listed company with 3 decades of experience in the IT, Media and Electronic Manufacturing industry. Started in 1991 in Chennai, India it went on to become a large enterprise with more than 3000 employees in seven countries. The flag ship company, Accel Frontline Limited was sold to a Japanese conglomerate in 2014 and Accel Limited continued to pursue its diversified interest in media, electronic manufacturing and electronics research and development. Accel Limited has upgraded itself with new technologies and processes in order to embrace industry 4.0 standards and be a leading player in its chosen field.

The Academy is led be a team of industry veterans who have vast experience in designing and delivering variety of skill development programs and managing large number of training centres. The core program management team consists of subject matter experts from Industry and Academia, experienced trainers, qualified Lab Instructors and program counsellors. Each faculty member goes through a rigorous orientation and T3 (Train the Trainer) programs. Special guest lecture sessions are held leveraging practicing experts from Accel IT Services and other leading institutions and organizations.

Infrastructure and Resources

All our training facilities are centrally located and have well laid out training rooms, labs, online content management and delivery systems, audio and video infrastructure, reliable network, uninterrupted power supply, surveillance cameras to ensure safety and security. Each of the programs will have adequate hands-on exercise systems/kits to carry out exercises, solving real-time problems and carrying out assigned projects.

All our Academy facilities operate 7 days a week.

Group Entities & Core Values

Highest level of Integrity

Respect for the Individual

Optimum value Proposition

Commitment to the Customer

Pursuit of Excellence through Quality

Constant Innovation

Personal Accountability

Care for the Environment

Teamwork and Collaboration

Continuous Learning and Improvement